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        2. TK56 Plastic towline (Full closure )
        3. TK56 Plastic towline (Full closure )

          Product Classification:Cable Carrier Series

          Characteristic:TK56 Plastic towline (Full closure ) Features: wear resistance, high temperature resistance.

          TK56 Plastic towline (Full closure ) Features: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non deformation, low noise, flexible loading and dismantling, long life.

          TK56 Series:

          Model Inner cavity size Shape size Bending radius Type
          TK56.1 56x75 83x112 100.125.150 200.250.300 350.400.450 500.600 Open up and down can open
          TK56.2 56x100 83x134
          TK56.3 56x125 84x164
          TK56.4 56x150 84x189
          TK56.5 56x175 83x212
          TK56.6 56x200 83x239
          TK56.7 56x250 83x289
          TK56.8 56x300 83x339
          TK56.9 56x400 83x439