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          Product Classification:Protective Covers

          Characteristic:Flexible organ type guide protective cover features:select the special coating material according to the working condition.

          Flexible organ type guide protective cover features:

          1.select the special coating material according to the working condition.

          2.Each folding face has a strong PVC support.

          3.Special slider can avoid noise at high speed.

          4.high frequency welding.

          5.The fixation of the connecting plate.

          Parameters of Bellow Covers for Guide Rails:

          Code Description Data Remarks Shield coustruction materials
          L Stretched Length     Material Nylon or T etlan Coated Cloth
          L1 Compressed Length     Supporting Plate FVC Plates (One Plate lor Each Fold)
          L2 Travel     Connecting Plate Resin Plates, Iron Plates
          B Total Width of the Cover     Pulley Copper or Nylon Bearings
          B1 Width ol the Guide Rail        
          B2 Inside Width ol the Cover     Machne Tool Model  
          H Total Haight ol the Cover     Purchaser  
          H1 Height ol lhe Guide Rail     Contact  
          H2 Inside Height of the Cover     Tel.  
          Remarns: 1. All you have to do is ldl eve ry parameter and designate the mate-rial, and we are obliged to design and manufacture for you.
          2. Should you have any speciaJ requirement about the bellow cover models, we are always ready to design accordjng to negotiation.
          3. Please fill up one fOfm for each model. Make copies when necessary.