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          The selection principle of Steel Aluminium Tuolian

          Steel Aluminium Tuolian built-in cable, tubing, pipe, pipe placed principle should be reserved for the remaining space: 15%, to the built-in cable, tubing and other activities are free, in the radius direction does not produce tension on the chain.

          Selection of Steel Aluminium Tuolian must consider the drag chain of high, wide, bending radius.

          1. high: the choice of built-in cable, tubing, pipe, pipe etc. the most thick piece as the reference height at least plus 10% of the space height as the inner height. If the overlap is as high as the actual height after the overlap.

          2. width: some cable, the choice of coarse tubing, pipe, water pipe, the outer diameter and width as the inner reference, and leave at least 10% of the width of the space.

          3.bending radius: choose the largest bending radius in the built-in cable, tubing, pipe, pipe and so on as the reference value, and have more than 10% space.

          Material and characteristics of steel aluminium tuolian:

          1.material: reinforced nylon has high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and abrasion resistance, flame retardant, stable performance at high and low temperature, and it can be used outdoors.

          2.resistance to resistance: oil resistance, salt tolerance, and a certain amount of acid, alkali resistance.

          3.The operating speed and acceleration (the specific speed and acceleration depending on the running condition).

          4.The operation life is long.

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